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2. Adrian Bayreuther

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Adrian Bayreuther
Curriculum Vitae (as per Nov. 2009)
Born Mai 31st 1947 in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany. Son of a painting father and a music talented mother, he was interested in art before he could walk. He was a member of a music band for about 25 years.
With 13 years of age he copied Monet, Nolde and Picasso to present them to his relatives and friends. During this time he was bored by his teachers who did neither know musical notes nor understood abstract art.
At the end of the 1960s he prepared batik pictures and art works of lacquer on pressed wood. All works were sold rapidly, mainly to the USA. During these years a number of courses and seminars in calligraphy, typography, layout and graphic design have been successfully taken.
Adrian Bayreuther solved an apprenticeship as forwarding and shipping agent, obtained a FAA license for weight and balance for DC-8-S-series jet aircraft and studied physics, international business ethics and information technology. He has the synesthetic ability of “seeing” music tones as coloured particles.
During the 1990s he produced pencil drawings with a rather technical appearance.
In this century he met more and more artists during his travel activities throughout the world and found his fascination for the Russian avant-gardistic art. Since 2007 Adrian produces art work derivates which are based on the works of the great Russian masters between 1915 and 1922. He bundles constructivism, futurism and suprematism to create a new own style.
Sometimes Bauhaus elements are slightly visible as well.

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